KK Hotel Fenix Prague

Hotel dreams can come true. KK Hotel Fenix Prague always has enough time to dream. This is mainly due to the beds, but also to the overall feeling. Because when I entered the KK Hotel Fenix Prague, I never got an oppressive feeling. From the very beginning, I was taken from everyday life to a holiday paradise. The KK Hotel Fenix Prague made an overall noble impression, although I did not have to pay much for my room. Thus the relationship between service and prices fits excellently. The evaluation turned out not only with the service well, but also with the entertainment possibilities. Entertainment was provided by a discotheque located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Simply playing through the classics gave me great pleasure. The KK Hotel Fenix Prague is centrally located, so that everything can be reached comfortably on foot. The paths are illuminated and if it is not too cold, these paths can be used as a short walk. The mixture of experience and nature was the special attraction. Here I could always decide what I would like. But even if I wanted to eat outside the KK Hotel Fenix Prague, I did not have to pay high prices for it. But especially