Hotel Rialto

Just put your feet up and relax. That’s what you expect from most hotels. But at the Hotel Rialto I could expect more. It was already possible for me to book all the extra rooms online. And when I noticed at the reception that something was missing, it didn’t bother me. The friendly service staff helped me immediately. Also a good service was to be assumed at the buffet. Already from the first bite I knew that I could endure longer here. Fully beaten I moved towards the hotel room. So all I needed to do was to lie down. The hotel room made a comfortable impression from the beginning. With a TV and a minibar there was nothing missing. Of course it was also possible to use the wake-up service. But as I was already betting on the Late Check Out at the end of my trip, I didn’t have to make use of it. When it came to my valuables, as well as the things I won, I could use a safe. For this there was a key.

Even if I had lost it, I would have been offered a spare key at the reception. The Hotel Rialto offered me a safe feeling, which I gladly accepted. Like the wonderful evening in the club. Here I could prove my poker knowledge for many years. The good thing about it was that I could take the money with me. So I didn’t have to charge it to my hotel bill. The situation was different with the hotel’s own facilities. So the fitness studio cost extra. But also an evening in the fitness area of the hotel did not make me much poorer. Because in the Hotel Rialto as well as outside everything was much cheaper than initially thought. The leisure program could be extended at will. In the Hotel Rialto many flyers were laid out. Here I only had to decide what else I could like. But unfortunately I did not have so much time any more.