Eindhoven 2 Sleep

It is best to have a look at the Eindhoven 2 Sleep first. Because if you believe the description in the catalogue, appearances can be deceptive. I was pleasantly surprised. I would have counted on less and got clearly more. Of course this convinced me on every level. The stairs leading to the hotel room were safe. But even those who were no longer so good on foot could use an elevator. Even if the evening lasted a little longer, one did not need to have a bad conscience with this Eindhoven 2 Sleep. Because there was a hotel card for the nightly excursions. This simply had to be held to the door scanner. Already it was possible without any problems to come to the room even after midnight. Nevertheless, a friendly reception was always ready to help me. The reception also helped me with the check-in. After all, I had to fill in a few things. Which is not so easy for a newcomer like me.

But sometimes I just wanted to be in the lobby. Here, too, I was offered a lot.

The comfortable armchairs invited me to stay and the TV convinced everyone. So I was always informed even on vacation. But when I wanted to get away from the hotel flair, I used the club. This was only a few steps away from the Eindhoven 2 Sleep. Rarely have I seen such a beautiful disco club. Even if I was controlled at the beginning, this did not cloud my good mood. And also after the evening I could return satisfied to the Eindhoven 2 Sleep. But I left most of my strength and nerves in the fitness area. I was surprised how much I could still get out of my old body. With more money and a better body feeling I could check out satisfied.